If He Calls, Will You Go?

A Fisher of Men

“And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Matthew 14:19

We first meet Peter (Simon) while he is working with his brother Andrew in the family business.  Simon and Andrew were fisherman.  They were not the brightest men around, they probably didn’t do well in school when they were young, and we don’t really know how successful they were at fishing.  They were the working class.  So why did Jesus pick them?  Why did He pick any of the disciples?  He could have had the best, smartest minds of the time following Him, but He chose the everyman.  I think that everyone can identify with at least one of the twelve disciples.  Maybe you’ve cheated someone in your past like Matthew, the tax collector (Luke 5:27-28) or you have a tendency to doubt the things you can’t see or don’t understand like Thomas (John 20:25).  No matter what your vice, there is a disciple you can relate too.  However, it’s not important that each of the twelve have a sin you can identify with, it is that Jesus called them from right where they were, and they went.  They dropped what ever they were doing to follow Him.  They knew that what Christ had for them was much more important than what they were doing at that moment.  This is what amazes me about the disciples.  I like to think that I would do the same, that I am doing the same, but I know there are things that hold me back.  Things that I think are valid excuses like my responsibilities to my family or my job.  Yet these men had families and jobs and they still left.  They knew that what Christ called them to do was bigger.  When Christ gives me the opportunity to fish, I hope I have the brains to cast my line to the side He tells me.



One thought on “If He Calls, Will You Go?

  1. You sir are correct. How difficult it is to become distracted by our jobs, toys, etc. We need to keep our eyes, ears, and especially heart, trained upon the One who said, “Follow me.”. God bless you.

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